Jawa Yezdi Bikes New Covertness Double tone Perak

Jawa Yezdi Bikes New Covertness Double tone Perak

Releasing New Age Bobbers with Exciting Updates For 2024

New Delhi, India - April 09, 2024 - In a critical declaration for the year 2024, Jawa Yezdi

Bikes is more than happy to present the lead Jawa Perak now in an all-new secrecy double tone paint

conspire, fastidious metal work, alongside forward-set foot fixes and upgraded back mono-shock. It has

likewise carried out updates across its Bobber range, pointed toward lifting the riding experience and

openness for fans; the Jawa 42 Bobber is currently accessible from an outright exhilarating sticker cost of Rs 2.09

lakh (ex-display area Delhi) and new combination wheel variations.

Jawa Yezdi Cruisers, a main name in the Indian bike market, keeps on reclassifying the

Bobber fragment with its notorious models, the Jawa Perak and Jawa 42 Bobber. These bicycles have not just

laid out a flourishing Bobber culture in India yet in addition earned monstrous ubiquity among fans

who value legitimate styling and lively execution.

Bobbers are famous for their remarkable allure, taking special care of riders who focus on both style and

execution. The Jawa Perak and Jawa 42 Bobber convey an unmatched involvement with this section.

The 2024 Jawa Perak from the Legacy assortment sets new principles in the top notch Bobber portion

with its unrivaled fit and finish, refined riding elements, and period-right styling.

The new Jawa Perak flaunts a striking covertness matte Dark/matte Dim double tone conspire, exhibiting

fastidious tender loving care. It includes delightfully created metal tank badging and a fuel filler cap for

a credible outdated allure, alongside an exemplary styled knitted tan seat for improved solace. The

presentation of forward-set foot stakes, situated 155mm advances, further improves the general riding


Under its secretive outside, the Jawa Perak is fueled by an intense 334cc fluid cooled motor that

produces an exhilarating 29.9PS@7500RPM and 30Nm@5500RPM, guaranteeing elating execution with

top tier speed increase and slowing down. The bicycle additionally includes huge ByBre circle brakes (280mm front and

240mm back) with double channel ABS by Mainland, alongside a Help & Slip grasp for a light grip

activity during unwieldy metropolitan driving. At long last, the new seven-step preload flexible mono-

shock guarantee an extravagant and agreeable ride.

In the mean time, the Jawa 42 Bobber range from the neo-retro assortment, presently turns out to be more open

furthermore, viable, with the Jawa 42 Bobber Moonstone White variation evaluated at Rs 2.09 lakh (ex-display area


New for 2024 are two new trims, with the Spiritualist Copper and Jasper Red double tone variations now

accessible with premium jewel cut combination wheels. With a full set-up of present day highlights like Drove lighting,

computerized instrumentation, USB charging, a movable seat, and numerous baggage choices, the 42 Bobber

finds some kind of harmony among structure and capability.

Remarking on the send off, Ashish Singh Joshi, Chief of Jawa Yezdi Cruisers, expressed, "The Jawa Perak

immediately became one of our top-offering models, a demonstration of India's developing optimistic market. The

42 Bobber just solidified our fragment mastery further. The bobber mentality is a procured one; you

either have it or don't. You should ride it to be aware in the event that you have it. All things considered, the Jawa Perak's new plan

entices you over to the dull side!"

The Jawa Perak, alongside the Jawa 42 Bobber, frames the ongoing 'Factory custom' portfolio for Jawa

Yezdi Cruisers, supplementing the current arrangement that incorporates the Jawa 350, Jawa 42, Yezdi

Roadster, Yezdi Scrambler, and Yezdi Experience.

The evaluating for the Jawa Perak and different Jawa 42 Bobber variations (ex-display area Delhi) is as per the following:

Jawa Perak: Rs 2,13,187

Jawa 42 Bobber - Moonstone White: Rs 2,09,500

Jawa 42 Bobber - Spiritualist Copper Spoke Wheel: Rs 2,12,500

Jawa 42 Bobber - Spiritualist Copper Composite Wheel: Rs 2,18,900

Jawa 42 Bobber - Jasper Red Double Tone Spoke Wheel: Rs 2,15,187

Jawa 42 Bobber - Jasper Red Double Tone Composite Wheel: Rs 2,19,950

Jawa 42 Bobber - Dark Mirror: Rs 2,29,500

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