All Types USB-universal Serial Bus Information.

U.S.B-universal Serial Bus:-


1996 Compaq, microsoft, Intel,ibeam etc

USE- Devise connect Date transfer

USB connectors - USB. Type A, B, C Mobile, tablet

(micro USB mini USB. Type A/B.) USB versions

USB Type (C)-connectors and cables connect to both hosts and devices, replacing various electrical connectors including USB-B and USB-A, HDMI, DisplayPort and 3.5 mm audio cables and connectors.

USB- 1.0 .2.0. 3.0 .3.1

USB-1.0 speed-12 Mega bits/ses

USB-2.0 speed-480 Mega bits/sec

USB-3.0 super speed- 5 Gega bits/sec 

USB Type (C) 3.1 Super speed+ 10 Gega bits/sec 

USB Common Connector 

Type (A)-Pendrive

Type (B)-Modem,Internet, Printer,Camera

Type (C) Future reversable. 


Type (A)

 USB 2.0 - 4 pin 

 USB 3.0 - 9 pin

Type (B) 

Micro USB Mini USB.

Micro USB 2.0 - 5 pin

Micro USB 3.0 - 10 pin

Type (C)

USB 3.1 - 24 pin max

USB 3.2 - 24 pin max

other wise pin depend on manufacture

USB Type (c) High Data trauster

High speed data trauster extra device connected etc. 


USB Type C UPTO 100 watt power transfer 

High laptop 80-90 watt Power need

Normal 50-60 watt Power need USB Type (c) universal all devices CHARGE DATA TRANSFER  A Mi connected devices Proprietary connector.

Apple lightning Port-8 Pin cable revarsable

All Typs (A,B,C) U.S.B Data Cables All Typs USB-Universal Serial Bus Information. {Detail on YouTube} Click Here 👇

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