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Android 12

Android 12 is going to be launched soon. Read the full to know about its features.


Google IO is scheduled to be held in May 2021, Android 12 will be officially revealed during this event. After coming officially today, ordinary users will get the update of Android 12 only in August 2021 or September 2021. Some features of Android 12 have been revealed by sources before officially launching. There is no knowing what will be officially the name of Android 12  will know about 5 features further in this article. 

Features of Android 12.

The first feature of Android 12.

So far, screenshots are taken in smartphones in many ways, but now in a new way, screenshots will be taken in smartphones. This new update has come in Android 12. In this, when you click twice with a finger on the back of the smartphone, the screenshot in the smartphone can be taken.

The second feature of Android 12.

The second feature is that two applications can be run on one screen in a smartphone, although this feature is provided by the smartphone manufacturer in its user interface, officially it is now coming to Android 12 as well.

The third feature of Android 12.

Those people who like technology and try to learn new things will be happier knowing the third feature, all the further Android updates will come after the arrival of Android 12, they can be updated from the Direct Play Store. If this happens, then everyone will be able to take advantage of the new Android. Once it arrives, people will not have to wait for months to update Android for months.

The fourth feature of Android 12.

People who keep changing the theme of their smartphone will also be happy to know the fourth feature, yes there is such a feature in Android 12 that the theme can be customized in which the user can change the color of the theme according to their own.

The fifth feature of Android 12.

The fifth feature is also very good, in which the WiFi sharing will also be updated, during this feature, there will be no need to scan the password or QR code to connect WiFi from one smartphone to another, Direct one smartphone to Wi-Fi from another smartphone. Connecting via Fi will be even easier.

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