Xiaomi Company to launch Poco F2 smartphone

Xiaomi company to launch upgrade version of Poco F1 smartphone

Xiaomi Company's brand Poco is very much liked by the people of India because the smartphones of this company are very good features as well as value for money. Poco company launched its first smartphone in 2018 called Poco F1. After launching, the company launched a lot of its smartphones, after that, in the coming time, the smartphone was first launched and is going to launch an upgraded version of the same smartphone, its name is Poco F2, so know about this smartphone further.

Xiaomi Company to launch Poco F2 smartphone

Poco F2 smartphone will be the upgrade version of Poco F1 smartphone because when the company launched its first smartphone in the year, this smartphone was the most powerful budget smartphone of that year, then the company continues the same order with Poco F2 smartphone being the most powerful Will also launch in the budget. In the case of the processor, a lot is coming out for this smartphone now that the most powerful processor of Snapdragon will be installed in this smartphone, it will be installed on a mid-range budget processor of Snapdragon or any MediaTek will be detected the most. Snapdragon will be one of the most powerful processors. The Poco F2 smartphone will come with 5G support.

Unique features and specifications.

Liquid cooling technology will be used in Poco F2 smartphones as liquid cooling technology was used in Poco f1 smartphones. The base of this smartphone can be 128GB internal memory with Berian 6GB RAM and the biggest variant of this smartphone can be 256GB internal memory with 8GB RAM. This smartphone will come in Quarter One Quarter Two of 2021.

There are rumors that the Poco company has been separated from Xiaomi, although it has not been fully disclosed, but both of these companies make very good products and keep less of those products. Because of this, both of these company's products are sold very much in the Indian market and are also liked, so those who are waiting for the Poco f2 smartphone will have to wait a little longer because the company on its behalf No one has told exactly when she will launch her Poco f2 smartphone. As soon as any information about the Poco f2 smartphone comes first, you will first find it at

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