Hard Disk Drive HDD Vs Solid State Drive SSD. Now Know Who is better?

Hard Disk Drive HDD Vs Solid State Drive SSD.

Many people confused about whether SSD is good or HDD is good, after reading this article all the confusion will solve.

 First, let us know the full form of SDD
 Solid State Drive.

 You know the full form of HDD
 Hard Disk Drive.

Both of these devices store data. The data can be any type of picture/audio/video and to store any file format, both these devices are designed. If we talk about these two devices, then there are big differences between these two devices.

Let's first talk about HDD.

HDD consists of a cassette of magnets that store data. When it is connected to a laptop or any computer then it rotates and can be transferred to data. HDD costs much less than SDD.  But it has many disabilities, if it falls once, there is a high chance of data loss because of this, people who have less budget take Hdd.HDD size is bigger than SSD

SSD is much smaller than its size HDD and it has many microchips, but its price is much higher and people who have more budget, people who spend more money also take SSD.

 If both these devices are considered good then that is SDD but its price is much higher than HDD.

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