Mi Tv 4A Horizon Edition vs Mi Tv 4A pro 32 inch.

Hello friends and welcome to this article in Technical SHT. You will know that you should buy a Mi 4A Horizon Edition 32 inch Tv or. Mi 4A pro 32 inch Tv should be taken to know this deeply, read this article completely.

Mi Tv 4A Horizon Edition vs Mi Tv 4A pro 32 inch.

First of all, let's talk about what things are seen in both of these TVs, then what will be different in these TVs,  We should buy which TV.


Both these TVs belong to the same company named Xiaomi. Both of these TVs are smart TVs and both TVs run on Android, it gets Android version 9 and both TVs have 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory to see, both TVs are talked about the display. HD Plus supports a 720p display. The display size of both of these TVs is 32 inches. Both of these TVs have Bluetooth 4.2. The company now talks about the connectivity of the Ports, both of these TVs have an Internet port which is Ethernet Speak and AB port to which DVD is connected 3 HDMI port 2 USB port 1 TV antenna socket 1 earphone port The company has given both of these smart TVs only 1m power cable. In both these TVs, the company has given all the features that other companies offer in their smart TVs.If you talk about the speakers, then both of them get 20w speakers.

Now let's talk about inequality.

Let us know what is the difference between both TVs so that we can know which one you should buy these both TVs. Let us first talk about when the company has launched both these TVs. One of these TVs, named Mi 4A pro 32 inch Tv, was launched last year and this year the 2020 Mi 4A Horizon Edition 32 inch Tv has been launched. Now let us know the differences between these both TVs. The company has given some special features in Xiaomi Mi 4A Horizon Edition 32inch Tv, which we talk about, this feature is not seen in Mi 4A pro 32 inch Tv.

1. Very few bezels are seen in Horizon Edition, while other TVs have very thick bezels, its body to screen ratio is 96%.

2. Horizon Edition Tv opens faster than other TVs, so this TV opens quickly whenever the switch is turned on.

3. Advertisement of any type is not seen in Horizon Edition Tv. These advertisements come on the Internet, where this type of advertisement is not seen on this TV, it is a very good thing.

Now let's talk about the price of these two TVs, there is not much difference in the price of these TVs, there is a difference of only ₹ 500

Mi 4A Horizon Edition 32 inch Tv - 17,499 ₹

Mi 4A pro 32 inch Tv - 16,999 ₹

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