Memory Card Types.

Memory Card:-

How many typs are memory cards,which would be the best memory card. Which should be taken?  Read complete for complete information.


The larger card is called SD card, and the smaller one is called Mini SD card.  And the smallest one is called Micro SD card.  SD cards are used in cameras Mini SD cards used to come before, but now they have stopped coming because it was a bit difficult to use Mini SD card.  We install Micro SD cards in our mobile phones.  Nowadays this card is being used everywhere and it is the best card.

SD Card 

Micro SD Card 

Mini SD Card

SD - Limit - 4 GB

SD HC (high capacity) Limit 4-32GB

SD XC (extended capicity) Limit 32 GB-2 TB


Class- 2,4,6,10 UHS-1 UHS-3 ufs - universal flash Storage.

The SD limit in the micro SD card was up to 4GB.  And SD HC limit was from 4 to 32GB and which is SD XC  Extended Capacity from its limit of 32GB to 2 Terabyte.

If you think that the class is more, it is better.

The speed of the card is divided into classes such as - class 2 class 4 class 6 class 10 aur UHS-1 and UHS-3

UHS full form - universal flash storage

There is also, the larger the number the better.

You think of the class as if the speed of Class 6 is maximum 6 MBPS.

Understand in an even easier language, Class 6 speed can transfer 6 MB in 1 second.  The speed of class 10 is 10 MBPS.

Class (6) 6 mb / sec-Transfer Speed

Class (10) 10 mb / sec-Transfer Speed

UHS Ultra high speed 320 mb / sec- 4K reconding best memory card min- UHS-1,3

Samsung has so far produced the fastest speed memory card under the name UFS UNIVERSAL FLASH STORAGE.

Samsung make UFS - universal flash storage 1.0  530 mb / sec read speed 

170 mb / sec write speed.

If you have to take any memory card in today's time, then you should not take less than Class 10, because in today's time technology has advanced a lot. And in today's time, cameras are also coming very good in smart phones which are can record up to 4K.

Memory Card {Detail on YouTube} Click Here 👇

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