Now charge the mobile in just 5 minutes.Charging Platform Qualcomm Announces World’s Fastest Charging Quick Charge 5.

Quick Charge 5

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Quick Charge 5 is the fastest charging technology for Android devices, enabling unprecedented mobile phone charging speed and efficiency compared to previous versions, enabling new battery technology, accessories and security features. The world's first commercially viable fast charging platform to support more than 100W of charging power in smartphones, Quick Charge 5 is engineered to allow users to charge 0 to 50 percent of battery power devices in just 5 minutes - Which represents the fastest mobile phone charging capabilities.Quick Charge 5 uses Qualcomm Battery Saver and the new Qualcomm Smart Identification of Adapter Capabilities technology, which supports unique efficiency and helps extend battery life cycle on users' devices.

“Quick Charge 5, our fastest and most versatile charging solution, will enable consumers to enjoy their devices for longer, without worrying about the time required to recharge. We are proud to expand our technology portfolio and make a commercial reality accessible, "said AV Roach, VP Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc." We work closely with manufacturers that provide industry leading devices Make that meet the demand of consumers. immersive and accessible mobile experience. "

Quick Charge 5 is the newest addition to the industry-leading fast-charging ecosystem [1]. Influencing the exponential correction from its predecessors, Quick Charge 5 is 70 percent more efficient than Quick Charge 4 and provides a 10-fold power distribution of Quick Charge 1 [2]. This solution supports 2S batteries and 20 volt power distribution

Qualcomm announced the world's fastest charging Quick Charge 5, the world's first 100W + charging platform.

Speed: -
Quick Charge enables charging speeds of up to 0-50 in five minutes, with 100W + charging power with our new dual charge technology.

Efficiency: -
Charge smartphones and devices up to 10 degrees C cooler, up to 4X faster, and up to 70% more efficiently than previous solutions.

Multifaceted talent: -
Our latest Quick Charge technology is backwards compatible with previous generations of Quick Charge addressing future Android needs.

Quick Charge enables a single accessory to support 250+ mobile devices and 1000+ accessories to implement a variety of charging implementations in mobile devices.

The Quick Charge Advanced Charging Subsystem Safety includes 8 Level Voltage Protection, 3 Level Protection, 3 Levels of Thermal Protection and 3 Levels of Timer Protection - all incorporating USB-input overvoltage protection at 25V and extreme power control beyond 30V.

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