Know how many sensors are there in your smartphone and what are their functions/work Smartphone Sensors.


Many types of Sensors:-

➣Accelerometer Sensor:- 
Work:- Identify Phone Angle auto rotate Picture Angle.

Gyroscope Sensor:- 
Work:- Advanced Accelerometer Sensor give angle minure informations.
Google App Photosphere 360°Photo.

Magnetometer Sensor:- 
Work:- in Compass

Proximity Sensor:- 
Work:-Near front camera.When you recieve call then off display

Ambient Light Sensor:- 
Work:-Near proximity sensor use Auto Brightness

Barometer Sensor:- 
Work:-Atmosphere Pressure major calculate Sea lable hight 
help GPS,Health related app.

Thermometer Sensor:-
Work:-Major Tempreture.

Air Humidity Sensor:-
Work:-Human Near in air Humidity Calculate

Pedometer Sensor:-
Work:- Accelerometer Advanced Version Calculate Walk Distance.

Fingerprint Sensor:-  
3 Types - 1-Arch / 2-Loop / 3- Whorl 
Work:- Phone Unlock,Lock,Payment

Harmful Radiation Sensor:-
Available only Japan
Work:-Near harm full radiation tell us and network connectvity.

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